This is where I explain a little about how custom dessert pricing works.

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Sometimes people experience what I call “sticker shock” when they receive a quote for a custom cake. I will try to explain the theory behind the pricing to give you a peek inside the custom cake world, and why it's not, just cake.


Real World Comparison

Let’s say you take 30 of your friends and family to Olive Garden and want everyone to enjoy a slice of Lemon Cream Cake. At $6.50 per slice (priced in Liverpool, NY), you will pay about $195 (before tax) for 30 servings of cake. That is 30 servings of cake that is not customized, not decorated to your specifications, and not made to order. What goes into making a custom cake is much more than ingredients. It’s like when you take your car to a mechanic, you aren’t just paying for parts. You also have to pay for time, expertise, and labor. It’s the same with cake decorating. Remember, it is not just cake.


Better Ingredients

When you order a cake from a grocery store or a cheap cake shop, you can be sure that your cake was probably previously frozen and your customizations will be minimal. Cheap ingredients are normally used in order to mass produce the product. Most grocery stores do not make their icing either. It is usually shipped to them in buckets and contains ingredients most of us can't pronounce, and even more preservatives to give it an abnormally long shelf life. I, as do most custom bakers, make my own icing and bake to order, using fresh ingredients. I am certainly not discouraging anyone from purchasing a cake from a grocery store - sometimes a grocery store cake fits the bill just fine. I’m only giving you a behind the scenes look at why custom cake shop prices tend to be higher. If you want more than frozen cake and balloons for decorations, the price will reflect that.


How I Approach Your Order

When I make a custom order, I do it as though I am making it for my family. Every customer deserves that. I put countless hours into prepping, designing, baking, and decorating. Cake decorating requires certain tools and equipment, including special knives, leveling tools, impression mats, cake pans, modeling tools, molds, wires, dowels, foams, icing spatulas, airbrush kits, food get the point. I also use ribbons and cake boards and internal structures to make sure your cake does not fall or collapse. These tools and equipment are all items which must be accounted for when quoting a price.  Most often, the costliest part of a custom cake is labor. This is why a cake that serves 10 people, but has a lot of detail, can potentially cost more than a cake that serves 50, but has minimal design work.


You can see there are a lot of things to take into consideration when pricing a cake, which is why I ask that you contact me with your ideas. If what I quote is not in your budget, I’m happy to work with you to find something that is. It’s impossible to have set pricing when there is a whole world of possibilities.


So when you see an awesome cake, remember, it's not just cake. It's time, it's talent, it's art, and it's a gift that has been perfected and cultivated over many years.


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